It’s not them. It’s you.

There are no difficult people. Seriously. There are only behaviors that you experience as difficult. And we all experience them—small, annoying things people do that can drive us up the wall. In my most requested POWER Optimism workshop, we examine three applications that can help you drive those reactions away. Putting you in the driver’s seat puts you fully in control of your responses. No more knee-jerk reactions. No more jerks. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Good for you. Good for the organization.

What could be better for you than not waiting or hoping for other people to change? Think of the freedom that could bring you. My program will give you your own set of skills to turn difficult situations around. To move onward and upward independently. To feel good even in the face of unpleasantness. And just imagine the benefits to an organization if everyone possessed the same skills. It would experience better team performance, improved customer relations, a more positive work environment and greater productivity. What could be better than that? It’s clearly win-win.

Read on. Power up.

Downloading these 3 e-books (available from Amazon Kindle) will put you on a path of empowerment. One that provides you the tools, information and insights you need to set yourself free from the difficult behaviors you encounter in your life. You’ll see that it’s not about people. It’s not even about what they do. It’s about how you respond to what they do. Once you defuse those actions, getting past them is…well, easy.

How to Get Rid of Your Hot Buttons

Getting your hot buttons to chill is up to you. Because it’s your response to difficult people—not their behavior—that determines your happiness and well-being. Learn the three most common types of hot buttons and the strategies to eliminate them—releasing the triggers that start you down that old, destructive path. You might even influence others to interact with you more productively. But even if they’re stuck, you won’t be. You’ll be on your way to self-empowerment.

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How to Effectively Exert Your Influence

You can’t always change difficult people. But you can certainly impact the outcome of your encounters with them. By learning to stay more neutral you can adapt and modify your responses to fit the circumstances. Follow the top five competencies of master influencers and learn when to hold and when to fold. Learn to feel good about it as well. So even if you have to walk away, you do it with your head high—feeling positive and empowered by your actions. You were in charge. And you determined the outcome.

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Ten POWER Practices that Set You Free

In any sticky situation, the person with the most positive strategy operates from the most advantageous position—one of flexibility and clarity. Here are ten proven techniques to help put you there. To help you develop and maintain a positive perspective that will empower you to deal with any difficult person you might encounter—no matter how negative. By relying and drawing on your own power, your sense of wellbeing can’t be defined by the actions of others. You own it.

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